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Kang A. Nomics

The Kang Academy is a generative NFT series. Every Roo is randomly generated with visuals, stats and more!
  • The series is limited to 10,000 Kang Academy Roos (Kang A. Roos).
  • Mint Kang A. Roos here for .09 ETH each, while supply lasts.
  • Your Kang A. Roos can be sold on OpenSea or other ETH NFT marketplaces.
  • Connect your wallet here anytime to view your Kang A. Roos' stats.

The Kang Academy

Kang A. Roos are torn between their desire for social good and their anger over being landlocked for their entire existence. They can often be identified by their quick tempers, or worse, irreverent behavior during cult classics. It is these Roos that must attend Kang Academy.

Kang A. Roos enter the academy to learn to channel their rapid twitching into face melting magical powers. It is here that they begin their long preparation for the adventure that awaits them in the catacombs below.

It is in the land of Kang that you'll find the Kang Academy. The only facility equipped to handle the sporadic bursts of creativity and violent misgivings of the Roos. These halls are the last hope for humanity and the Kang A. Roos' desire to speculate with leverage upon cryptocurrency markets.


Rarity and traits

What are the Power, Smarts and Charm attributes?

Power, Smarts and Charm are the 3 basic attributes every Kang A. Roo shares. They range from the lowest of 3, commoner, to a high of 18, super Roo level!

What are my Roos Special Abilities?

Every Kang A. Roo has 3 special abilities, these are typically attacks the Roo uses as its go-to move. These abilities range across 5 rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, extraordinary and unique!

What are my Roos Pouch Items?

Kang A. Roos are known to carry 3 items in their pouch. These items range from 5 rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, extraordinary and unique!

Are there unique Special Abilities and Pouch Items?

Yes! Unique items are one-of-a-kind. They can only be possesed by a single Kang A. Roo.

Is my Kang A. Roo rare?

Every Kang A. Roo is special in its own way, but clearly some more special than others. Click the "Check rarity" button on your Roo's card to find out.


Minting a Kang A. Roo enrolls you in the Kang Academy, a special distinction that can only be obtained by 10,000 or fewer people in the world! The Kang Academy plans on training their student Roos to use their abilities to fight for the good of humanity.

  • Creating a crypto-backed API for 3rd party game devs to make games that access and update your Roo's stats, abilities and pouch contents.
  • Additional NFT series to round out the playable game world.
  • Internal development of RPG games leveraging our API and NFT characters.


How to I buy a Kang A. Roo?

When the drop is ready, you'll see a "Connect" button. Click it then pick one or more "Enroll me" buttons, then press the buy button

When is the drop and how much are Kang A. Roos?

The drop starts is October 8th at 7pm CST. Each Kang A. Roo costs .09 ETH. You can buy up to 6 per order.

How to I view my Kang A. Roos in my wallet?

See the Wallet tips below.

How do the traits, abilities, puch inventory and rarity work?

There are many thousands of unique Roos. See our traits sections for full details. Your Roos abilities and pouch inventory are for entertainment purposes, however in the future they may be functional in 3rd party games or own own as our roadmap develops.

Are there royalites on secondary sales?

Yes, we apply a 4% royalty on secondary sales. This will go towards funding our roadmap, depending on demand.

Do I own the Kang A. Roos I mint?

When you mint a Kang A. Roo, you own the IP which includes the specific design of your Roo. In the rare event that someone else has minted a Roo of the same design, you each have rights to the design. You may fully reproduce, sell and use your Kang A. Roo's likeness in all forms.

The Team


Wallet Tips

After purchasing your first Kang A. Roo, like all NFTs, you may not automatically see it in your wallet. Find your wallet below for tips on how to get them to show up. More...
MetaMask (Browser extension) The MetaMask browser extension doesn't yet support viewing NFTs, but you can add the Kang A. Roo token. In MetaMask at the bottom of the account screen click the "Add Token" button. Then paste the contract address and enter 0 for Token Decimal and then click "Next".
MetaMask (Mobile) To view your individual Kang A. Roo NFTs in your mobile app, click the "NFTs" tab, then "+ ADD NFTs", then enter the Contract address below and the Token ID for the Roo. The Token ID for each Kang A. Roo is the number in their serial # on their cards in the "My Wallet" section.
TIP You can always view your Kang A. Roos on this site, just connect your wallet!
TIP If this site does not connect to the desired account in your wallet, manually disconnect this site in your Wallet app, then go to the select the desired account in your wallet account and reconnect your wallet on this site.
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